Workshop on Information and Processes

CIAPA, Costa Rica

December 15 - 18, 2013

Sponsored by Tulane University


The Workshop on Information and Processes took place at CIAPA, Costa Rica, from December 15 through December 18, 2013. WIP 2013 is part of a series of workshops dating back to 2008, and it continued the broad perspective characterizing that series. WIP 2013 included participants interested in a broad range of areas: classical and quantum information, theoretical computer science, and especially concurrency and probabilistic models, and systems biology.

The list of participants included:

  1. Samson Abramsky (Oxford)

  2. Rui Soares Barbosa (Oxford)

  3. Peter Bierhorst (Tulane)

  4. Adam Brandenburger (NYU)

  5. Radha Jagadeesan (DePaul)

  6. Kohei Kishida (Oxford)

  7. Jean Krivine (Paris Diderot and PPS)

  8. Ray Lal (Oxford)

  9. Jimmie Lawson (LSU)

  10. Pasquale Malacaria (Queen Mary University of London)

  11. Shane Mansfield (Oxford)

  12. Radu Mardare (Aalborg)

  13. Prakash Panangaden (McGill)

  14. Christine Tasson (Paris Diderot and PPS)

  15. Jamie Vicary (Oxford)

  16. Glynn Winskel (Cambridge)

  17. Michael Mislove (Tulane), the workshop host.


Each participant gave a talk on his or her research interests, aimed at sharing insights on problems related to the theme of the workshop. The workshopincluded three days of meetings, and a fourth day will be devoted to an excursion.

The workshop took place at CIAPA, an educational and research meeting center on the outskirts of San Jose, Costa Rica that is administered by Tulane. We want to thank Dr. Ludovico Feoli, the Director and Dr. Constantino Urcuyo Fournier, Academic Director, respeciively, and Gabriela Sánchez, Administrative Assistant, for allowing us to use CIAPA and for extending us such a warm and supportive welcome. Here is a link to Tulane’s CIAPA website and here is one to CIAPA itself. Participants were housed at the center or a nearby hotel.

For background, here are links to the other workshops in the series:

1) 2008 Clifford Lectures, March 2008

2) First Workshop on Informatic Phenomena, October 2008

3) Second Workshop on Informatic Phenomena, October 2009

4) Schloss Dagstuhl Seminar on the Semantics of Information, June 2010

5) 2011 Clifford Lectures, March 2011

6) Schloss Dagstuhl Seminar on Information Flow and Its Applications, August 2012